Technology has changed the face of Consumer Goods and Distribution Industry and is affecting marketing, sales and security across the board. CPG companies are facing many challenges which have become the hindrance in the growth of these companies.

Challenges Include:

  • Constantly evolving the product offering through new services.
  • Evolving digital technologies empowering consumers to make more informed decisions.
  • Inability to get 360-degree view of consumer activities.
  • Monitoring and securing of consumer data.
  • Constantly transforming the processes to attract customers.
  • Lack of end to end supply chain visibility across multiple channels
  • Struggle to find a balance between personalization and simplicity that will create a positive customer experience.

These challenges need to be overcome by CPG companies in order to achieve growth and we at Asconsoft help you to reshape your IT strategies for success by bringing innovation across entire value chain.


We have a diverse assortment of expertise in various fields in design, infrastructure, architecture,mentoring and development which makes us a trusted technology firm you can rely on and partner with to get you efficient service delivery to your clients while cutting costs in full satisfaction.

Solutions include:

  • Ascon Soft’s CPG Solutions digitize the entire value chain to reduce cost and improve growth. A few of our key offerings are:
  • Digital Solutions: Digital consulting and strategy formulation services, platform based solutions and services for marketing, commerce and IoT (Industrial and Consumer) with domain-centric innovative offerings
  • Supply Chain Solutions: Supply chain assessment, Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Omni- Channel fulfillment consulting framework, Inventory & Network Optimization solutions, and Integrated Distribution Management System (iDMS)
  • Big data & Analytics Solutions: Determine cost-to-serve, data ingestion, consumer insights and account manager insights
  • Sales and Marketing Solutions: Offerings covering trade promotion management and optimization, retailer collaboration, and retail execution help enable effective decision-making and increase sales.

Why Ascon Soft

  • Design and develop fresh products optimized in business planning by analytics
  • Adopting technology digitally to meet the needs of a millennial working force
  • Optimizing efficiency via loT solutions to reduce cost by about 20%
  • With advanced reporting and demand sensing transform universal supply chain
  • Considerably reducing cost through optimization of manufacturing operations
  • Increase productivity and sales force via our custom retail execution solution

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