Smart Grid and the Internet of ThingsConnecting unique devices to create an intelligent, self-sustaining ecosystem.Utility companies arelooking to leverage IoT to improve the development and operation of smart grids.

  • Stress-free data transmission in high volume
  • Continuous and operative communication channels
  • Cost mitigation and energy savings

Solutions include:

  • SIEM solutions for O&G companies: Protect your IT systems from security threats
  • Ascon Soft Application management services

Why Ascon Soft:

  • Enhance enterprise antivirus for your server settings
  • Safeguard 95% end-point consistent compliance
  • Fast efficient log handling with optimal SIEM device utilization
  • Salvage your log files from SIEM tool proficiently
  • Refurbish webserver credentials beforehand preventing expiration
  • Advance your system’s risk detection processes
  • Keep track of your log files on SIEM tool competently

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