Digital revolution has increased the demand for insurers to harness information and to keep pace with evolving market and regulations in order to expand their business operations and also to gain a competitive edge. Technology has not only added value to insurance sector but also has increased its growth and has maximized the insurer’s efficiency.

We at Ascon Softofferconsulting services across main digital transformation areas for insurers in order to respond to uncertainties in the marketplace.


Ascon Soft is reliable in helping insurance companies meet their client needs as well as respond to all shifting demands swiftly and efficiently. With our intelligent, flexible application designed based on seamless integration and business models across platforms, our clients deploy fresh products that expand into innovative business solutions with ease. Over time we have assisted insurers in various sectors in delivering innovative solutions which provide real-time connection to crucial information. Property and Casualty Insurance sector is going through tough times of serious change and digital technologies have continued to alter the insurance market. The connection between the insurer and the data driven insurance is an example of the innovative change taking place which is capable of unsettling the industry. This above example, joined with the ever-changing governing body, creates the stage for inventive carriers to exploit the situation. As for insurers who go beyond this curve will gain significant benefits, although others may risk losing.

Solutions include:

  • Property and casualty – Liability Coverage and Property Protection Coverage
  • Life Insurance and Annuities –Cyber life etc
  • Digital Insurance
  • Guidewire

Why Ascon Soft

  • Get Fundamental Insurance Services such as Actuarial, Policy Admin, Claims Management and Underwriting Specializations.
  • Focused on Customer Satisfaction, providing pioneering digital ideas and innovative IT solutions to produce profit and sustainable growth.
  • Insurance specialists certified in LOMA/Guidewire/CPCU
  • Epicenter of Excellence in Insurance with frameworks that are managed by skilled consultants and ready to use enactment approach
  • All round choice partner for small, medium and big Insurance companies
  • Agile services delivering quality, regular and timely client engagement

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