Digitization has made a positive impact on almost every industry and entertainment and media industry has been no exception.  In earlier days, people had to wait for newspaper in order to get news from around the world but now internet has taken its place. Now reporting and analyzing is done through social media platforms. Digitization has made tremendous changes in the way content, be it television or newspaper, is looked at and consumed. From downloading a book to watching live cricket on mobile phones, digitization has revolutionized the media and entertainment industry.

Every media and entertainment industry needs an IT partner who can provide them with latest technology expertise and deep experience.


At Ascon Soft we help Media, Entertainment and Publishing industries to digitally transform themselves by delivering IT solutions to optimize publishing and right management, content management and mobile media enablement.  We help media, entertainment and publishing industries to be able to compete and retaining their audiences by developing new digital based business strategies and content strategies to adopt digital media to best fit the needs.

Solutions include:

  • Media Analytics
  • Deployment of a seamless, cross-platform TV Everywhere experience
  • Gaming platforms consolidation and servicing
  • Multi-channel experience across devices
  • Cloud orchestration
  • Content monetization strategies for Digital Publishing
  • Multi-screen advertising opportunities
  • 24X7 Media presence across globe

Why Ascon Soft

  • We offer you effective media solutions to target your market.
  • We have a team of digital marketers who are experts in their field of work.
  • Enhanced customer services.
  • We provide value added services to enhance your business communication.

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