The impact of technology on the travel and tourism industry is enormous as it has not only provided convenience to the travelers but has also helped the travel and tourism industry to stay in touch with their clients.

Traveler’s now-a-days view their travel experience comprehensively and are very well connected with the digital transformations that are taking place. Expectations of guests for personalized services are propelling the Travel, Transportation, Logistics and Hospitality industry to provide the best of customer experiences.

We at AsconSoft excel in delivering technology solutions and services to Travel and Tourism Industry which includes providing solutions for Hotel, Resorts and vacations, Travel Management and Services, Logistic Services, travel agents, Transportation Services- Air, Road, Rail and Shipping lines.  Our differentiated and exceptional services along with rich experience of working with industry leaders make us top-notch service providers for Travel, Transport, Logistic and Hospitality Sector.


Give Your Clients an Amazing Wholesome Travel Experience with Ascon Soft Helping You Optimize Operations:

Everything from the online booking, front desk all the way to the guest relations, your guests do expect to have a seamless experience all through. With our 10 years of experience as well as our custom-built frameworks which cut costs of the per-transaction costs from the content distribution. Ascon Soft section of Travel, Transportation, Logistics and Hospitality works for the sole purpose helping travel companies grow in efficiency,effectiveness, agility as well as profitable, thereby meets the needs of both the leisure and business traveler. We have wide range of services range from digital experience, software development, content management systems and portals, to business solutions in integration and automation processes. We do provide grand guest experiences which leads to seamless operations, profit growth and guest loyalty.

Solutions include:

  • Business Process Management
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Travel Distribution Hubs
  • Global Distribution System (GDS)


In addition to the unique perks of having a greater agility, value-added customer services, adaptability, effectiveness and innovation, our clients also receive:

  • Rapid back-end handling which results in lesser working costs
  • Leveraging on next generation solutions in travel to enhance profit margin
  • Revenue growth from selling supplementary additional services
  • Improving process efficacies by reducing costs per booking
  • Utilizing time-to-market via incorporating with prominent GDS, retailers, intermediaries, dealer direct connect as well as payment gateways.

Why Ascon Soft:

  • Transforming airlines with range of solutions integrated with business analytics
  • End-to-end solutions for Greenfield and midsize ports and airports
  • Verticalized enterprise business solutions for maritime and shipping
  • Dedicated Epicenter of Excellence with a focus on the next generation of travel solutions,technologies plus best practices.
  • Agile implementation models
  • Strategic partnership with SAS, QlikView, Veritec, and others
  • Profound distribution and industry domain knowledge
  • Capacity to deploy worldwide and influence low-cost delivery centers

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