The challenges of transforming to a value-based healthcare model is changing the way healthcare is being delivered. IT plays a core role in every health area. Be it providing quality services to the patients, maintaining patient history or generating electronic medical records for better processing of information, IT plays a commendable role in healthcare industry.

We at Ascon Soft provide solutions that help Health care industries in solving the business and IT challenges impacting patients, payers, employersand in addition developing cost effective and efficient business models.


We have Healthcare and Life Science specialists with proven skills, experience and know how in the complex insurance industry, merging innovative solutions in solving our customer needs and business goals.

Solutions include:

Our customized solutions include:

  • Infrastructure Integration
  • API Management
  • Member Interactions
  • Claims Management and Administration
  • Self-Service Benefits Administration
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Security

Why Ascon Soft

Our proficient experts in the fields of architecture, infrastructure, design, mentoring and development make us a dependable partner in insurance technology for all establishments looking to improve customer satisfaction and service while mitigating costs.

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