Quality Assurance and Testing

Our team provides an extensive quality assurance and testing techniques by comparing the technical requirements to business and functional requirements, development and execution of extensive testing plans, regression testing and post-implementation verificationEnterprise Applications; Being a market leader in the implementation and deployment of enterprise applications, our team helps our clients to achieve desired quality objectives throughout the Software development Life cycle (SDLC) by providing automated business process testing of your entire IT system investments end-to-end. We provide a wide range of testing services such as Test center and quality assurance organizational design, Software testing services and test execution and reporting services.

Cloud Applications

In order to ensure successful and efficient quality assurance and testing for your cloud-based, we have invested in cloud testing resources to provide cloud-based Testing-as-a-service (TaaS) for the testing of the additional ‘cloud’ feature of applications running in the crowd. Specifically, our cloud testing tools are optimized for testing of dynamic scaling, automated provisioning and device synchronization.

Custom Applications

Our quality assurance and Testing teams have a wide knowledge and experience in custom applications and software. We believe that the unique attributes of a software determines the best approach and tool for application in QA and testing. We have developed proprietary testing tools and, in addition, we have invested in a wide variety of testing tools from external partners. Our team will help in development of comprehensive test plans and designs, program audit reviews and also execute application and integration testing.

Mobile Applications

Our highly effective mobile applications quality assurance and testing teams help our clients to develop, deliver and launch mobile applications in a cost-effective manner considering all the hardware and software restrictions and numerous app store and SDKs requirements. Consequently, we help you to deliver a positive customer experience to your application users.


One of the biggest drawbacks in software implementation and usage is degraded performance. We have developed a state-of-the-art lab where the performance testing function in housed. In performance testing and quality assurance our team has developed scenario for Stress testing, Scalability tests, Load testing and Reliability tests.

Managed Testing Services (MTS)

Our MTS delivers measurable quality improvements and drastically reduces the cost of testing. We provide a collaborative mechanism to testing and QA services especially for clients who want to transform or develop internal testing function with the aim of delivering quality applications in a cost-effective manner and without losing the overall control while eliminating the costs, hustles, efforts and resources required for day-to-day management.

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