Multi-platform Digital Experiences

The businesses operating in today’s competitive, technology – centered environment require a powerful digital strategy which takes advantage of, and integrates, the power of mobile, social and cloud computing and analytics to deliver a highly personalized digital experience for its customers. At Ascon Soft we have mastered the creation and delivery of multi-channel digital presence that allows our clients to deploy state-of-the-art converge of mobile, social and web integration that takes the customers and employees engagement a notch higher.


Our team of ecommerce consultants has knowledge and experience in both marketing and web development across Web, Mobile and Tablet (Omni channel experience) as they work with our clients to provide guidance on the secure and productive utilization of the ecommerce platform to maximize the customer experience. With help of our team, we are able to develop strategies that help provide relevant information to customers and simplify the order placements and payments processes. Furthermore, our teams have the ability to execute both cloud and on- premise ecommerce deployments.

Our value based solution using SAP Hybris, ATG commerce and other enterprise e-commerce tools offering solutions across retail and other industries has delivered stronger results to our clients and help them achieve highest customer experience.

Mobile experiences

In the ever-dynamic world of mobile devices, businesses are required to develop creative, customer-centric mobile applications which use industry standard technologies to meet the needs of clients and end-users. We have a dedicated team of consultants and developers who will help you to transform your content into mobile-friendly websites as well as develop apps for all types of mobile devices.

Customer experiences

In the world, today most customers are using multiple devices to access information. We help our clients to develop a multi-platform approach to digital media planning and optimization. We empower our clients with the right metrics to understand holistically the behavior of their online audiences to develop successful strategies to shape customers digital experiences. In collaboration with our partners we help our clients to deploy solution that enable them to have a 360-degrees view of their customers.

Social business and collaboration

Social business and collaboration refers to the integrated application of the social technology across enterprise connecting people and the knowledge they need to get work done. We help our clients to develop social technology usage policies as well as put in place comprehensive guidelines covering both internal and external usage of social media by all employees. Further, courtesy of our strong partnerships with vendors of collaboration tools, we assist our clients to deploy collaboration tools which facilitate interactions between employees internally as well as those that improve the flow of information between employees and customers.

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